Deutsche Reichsbahn Railway Eagle, Berlin



Aluminum alloy eagle for “Deutsche Reichsbahn Adler” railways, 70 cm wide by 35 cm high, with 4 large mounting screws on the back (intact as can be seen in the photos) that tell us that was intended to be used in a war locomotive or Kriegslokomotiven, material designation “G AL Mg Si” (in an aluminum alloy very resistant to aging over time and of great hardness with texture controlled at high temperature in which the Germans at the time, it was and still is used in reducing the weight of automobiles and in large structures), is the abbreviation for “aluminum, magnesium and silicon”, the element used to create compounds of the alloy from which the eagle is cast, On the reverse is marked with the manufacture “LOK RZA 5 BLN” which is the abbreviation for “Lokomotive Reichscbahn Zug Alder 5” and “BLN” is short for Berlin.

“LOK RZA BLN” Means:

LOK: locomotive

RZA 5: Reichszeugsamt 5 (State Supply Office 5)

BLN: Berlin

“HE G AL Mg Si” Means:

HE: Henschel (Manufacturer)

GAL Mg Si: Guss (finish or coating), Aluminum, Magnesium, Silizium (this is the international code for aluminum)