Dear customers:

When we make the sale of one of our articles we are sure that it is totally Original, but as we understand that there are certain articles that, due to the fact that they have been copied in the “Military Antiques” market or due to their high price, the buyer apart from verbal verification, you want a security in a written document for the accreditation of the “Originality of the article” or, failing that, the subsequent claim if it is not.

At the express request of the client, and with an additional cost of  30€ to the price of the article , its corresponding Certificate of Originality will be issued with its description, identification data if it has them (Manufacturing, punches, etc.), and photographs of it. Always when placing the order, never after receiving it, as it could be manipulated.

In addition, our customers are informed that all those who request it when buying online, can request their corresponding purchase invoice in their name.

The reproduction of photographs and texts on this website is authorised, citing their origin.