Payment and shipping


1/  We accept payment by Western  Union

All expenses are the sole responsibility of the buyer

2/ Credit cards

Payment with this system has a 3,5 % commission  on the total purchase, a commission charged by the Bank

3/ Transfer or income from Spain or abroad

All the expenses of the same are of exclusive account of the buyer

From Spain or abroad:

Bank:                SANTANDER
Holder:             María del Pilar Escarré Oliver
IBAN:                ES0600492518612416446543
Bic/Swift:        BSCHESMMXXX


The moment we receive the payment, we ship the items. You must always pay the shipping costs. In this way, the customer only pays the real price of the delivery, we do not charge any additional fees. The delivery will be made according to the customer’s choice (certified mail or courier company).

IMPORTANT:  All items that are weapons of any type (fire or white), chargers, grenades, etc., will only be sent by SEUR or MRW.

Shipments made by  SEUR  24 hours, will be postage due, although we pay approximately 40% of the expenses through some bonds that we have arranged with this company. It is also possible to send by  UPS  or by  FedEx .

In shipments by  CERTIFIED MAIL , the customer will have to request the amount of the shipment to add it to the total before payment.

Parcel are NEVER shipped on Fridays or the eve of holidays.


If the customer does not make purchase insurance for the total value of the items,  «Original Militaria» is  NOT  responsible for its loss once the parcel has been sent, said parcel will have the mandatory insurance that both companies carry by law and that is included in the price we give Therefore we offer the option of insuring your purchases.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Contact ]