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Uniforms, helmets, medals, badges, campaign equipment, headgear, muzzleloaders. white weapons, photographs, documents, flags, miscellaneous etc.



Online store dedicated solely and exclusively to military collecting or historical interest, without any kind of ideology or political apology.

We are specialists in:

German Militaria WW2

Spanish Civil War Militaria

Blue Division

Historic Muzzleloader weapons in use

We buy all kinds of articles and military effects, as long as they are original.
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Our goal is to offer a wide range of items, among which you can find:

Uniforms, Helmets, Caps, Campaign Equipment, Medals, Knives from different eras, Daggers, Flags, Documents, Books, Vintage Propaganda, Photo albums, Photographs, Historic Muzzleloaders in use, etc.

We try to offer products of the highest quality and with the guarantee that any collector wants when making an acquisition. If the client requests it, upon payment, we issue a certificate of authenticity for all purposes.