M35 Army Officer’s dagger made by Anton Wingen Jr., Solingen (“A.W. Jr”). Mint Condition. Perfect.



Excellent example of an M35 Army Officer’s dagger (Heer Offizierdolch), it is made with a double-cut steel blade in impeccable condition without pits, with well-defined markings from the manufacturer “A.W. Jr” for “Anton Wingen Jr., Solingen”. The dagger comes with its original scabbard, magnetic sheet metal construction scabbard with a random pebbled pattern to both the obverse and reverse and smooth side panels. The obverse crossguard features the embossed army eagle style with outstretched wings, clutching a wreathed, canted swastika in its talons and a plain reverse. The ferrule and pommel both feature embossed repeating oak-leaf patterns. The dagger has a molded, dark orange/yellow, celluloid grip with the correct, diagonally angled ribbing.
It is in exceptional condition.