WW1/ French Figure “Mitrailleurs en Action”



Magnificent figure with two French soldiers with all their equipment and machine gun ready to start shooting from a “Machine Gun” post during the First World War, made at the beginning of the 20th century in calamine (zinc, lead and tin alloy), widely used during and after the First World War as a substitute for bronze due to the lack of it due to the war. The sculpture is molded in detail, the faces, the helmets, the equipment etc. It has written in French, at the bottom of it inside an oak leaf, the name that was given to this beautiful WW1 sculpture “Mitrailleurs en Action”, (Machine Guns in Action). On the ground of the promontory where they have the stand is the signature of the artist who made it “R. Gelandi”. The figure measures 37 cm high by 29 cm wide at the front base and 17 cm wide at the side base, each soldier measures 25 cm high from the feet to the helmet. It’s quite heavy.