WH/ MP38/40 Leather Magazine Pouch



MP38/40 leather magazine pouch (MP38 u.40 Patronentaschen) in smooth black leather for mid war, left side, blackened leather construction, with steel fittings. On the reverse it is well marked “MP 38/40” and to the right of it it bears “Waffenamt”. Unworn. Used by regular Wehrmacht soldiers, Waffen SS, police units and Blue Division.

According to the book “Uniforms and Traditions of the German Army 1933-1945 vol.3 by John Angolia and Adolf Schmidt” it says: “it is not known who used these magazine pouches, but they date back to 1942. To date they have been observed in Waffen SS,  and in the Blue Division in Russia (there are some of the same in a photograph in the book “The Quartermaster Service of the Blue Division” page 29). Low production in leather.