WH/HEER-PANZER, Low Ankle Boots by 1938. Very rare



Exceptional early pre-war model of ankle boots, from 1938 (Schnürschuhe 1938) for the HEER (model for panzer troops), without nails, stained black, with the leather in very good condition, the eyelets lined with celluloid to prevent corrosion as it was normal in these early models, with a high quality finish being an early model. Entirely sewn with natural linen fiber. In the heel, buttress inside. Inside the boots you can see the buttress stitched in natural color, the stitched tongue and well marked “SP BLn 1938”, “Sch and size 42″, I think the acronym SCH…. could refer to ” Schnürschuhe”. On the side panels it is also well marked with the size “29.1/2”, the month of manufacture “6” June and the year “38”. Very hard to get in this condition and an early model.