WH/Heer Officer’s Lionhead Saber “Feldmarschall von Eickhorn” Series Number 1714 with “D.R.P.”

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German Army Officer Lion’s Head Saber (Säbel für Offiziere) manufactured by “Eickhorn” number 1714 belonging to the “Feldmarschall von Eickhorn” series. Very good preserved, nickel-plated steel blade, absolutely shiny and clean, slightly curved from the manufacturer “Original Eickhorn Solingen”. Richly decorated crossguard with an eagle with its wings extended downwards holding a swastika in its claws, the underside of the crossguard stamped “D.R.P”. The black hilt with a pommel in the shape of a lion’s head with its two fixed red glass eyes, has contoured grooves filled with fine yellow copper wire, in mint condition. It comes with its original black lacquered scabbard that preserves 98% of its original black paint. Length 92 cm. They are rare to find anymore of this series and in good condition.