Wehrmacht/WaffenSS/Luftwaffe MG13 Pouches & 8 Magazines by 1938

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Exceptional ammo pouches (Zwei Patronentaschen für MG13) of the MG13 machine gun, brand new, it consists of two bags with a capacity to carry 8 magazines, it has its “eight magazines” of 25 cartridges also brand new, most of them still oiled, all except 1 with the same “BSW” manufacture, all with markings, “Weimar eagle” some and “Waffenamt” others, and all with the year 1938. The two bags with two magazine holders each are joined by a removable strap intended to be hung around the neck of the person who wore them. All closures intact, without rust, breakage or damage.

Note.- It is one of those that the Condor Legion brought to Spain during the Civil War.