Wehrmacht/ Very rare Deutscher Volkssturm Armband 1945 (Rare variant) and 1945 Documents

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Document set and rare book example of this rare 1945 variant Volkssturm armband (Armbinde “Deutscher Volkssturm Wehrmacht”), brand new, made of cotton with printed legend “Deutscher Volkssturm – Wehrmacht” (German People’s Militia of the Armed Forces) and a WH eagle in the center with horizontal design. Both the top and bottom edges of have machine sewn hems and the reverse has a vertical machine seam. It is in excellent condition. It measures 36 cm long and 7 cm wide.

Note.- Very rare to find this type of unworn armbands and with documentation from the Volkssturm of the year 1945, less than two months before the end of the war, it was found inside the lining of a greatcoat.