Wehrmacht/ Scissors Telescope SF 14Z H/6400 (“Rabbit Ear” ) by Carl Zeiss in Original Case Complete

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We sell a very rare item, in perfect condition and in its wooden transport box (repainted ??), with its leather straps and all its accessories. These are trench binoculars generally for Artillery Battery Commanders and observation personnel in outposts. All the components are in an unbeatable state of conservation inside its different departments:

It consists of:

1 / Binoculars, also called “trench or scissor telescope”.

2 / Trench mounting screw (often referred to as an arbor screw).

3 / The 2 tubes for sun protection and against rain.

4 / The 2 replacement lenses for low light (yellow) in their original paper.

The binoculars have large, heavy, carved steel, brass and aluminum build glasses. Both sheet metal grommets have slotted focus adjustment dials that work. The optics are perfectly clear with calibrated grid for range calculations. On the bottom panel of the right lens it is well marked with the printed designation “SF14.Z”, which indicates Scherenfernrohr 14 Ziel (power magnification of the 14 stereo telescope with aiming grid), the serial number “H / 6400” which It is the Army Optical Contract Number, Serial Number 66309 and the manufacturer’s “Carl Zeiss, Jena”.

The box measures approximately 48 cm high X 25 X 25 cm.

The box weighs approximately 14kg.