Wehrmacht/ Map/Dispatch Case March Compass “PASTO”, Private Purchase



Private purchase March Compass for the WH (Feldmarsch Umfang für Meldekartentasche), usually carried on the map/dispatch Case. Made of molded bakelite and black aluminum with a lid, it has a mirror that closes with a hinge, when opened we can see the front of the compass in perfect condition with the numbers in white. The outer rim of the compass has a grooved vertical Bakelite line to allow directional orientation. On one side of the base is a centimeter ruler printed in white. The exterior has the intact closing clip in a small box. The compass still works and appears to be accurate. The lower part of the bakelite base has a well-defined “PASTO” manufacturer’s workmanship.

Note.- PASTO began to produce a compass identical to the model developed by Busch for the Jungendienst youth organization and used by German infantrymen in World War II. He also took over the production of the only KÜHRT model.