Wehrmacht/ M24 Stick Grenade Marked “K”, Maker “FCC”, 1943

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M24 stick grenade of 1943 (Stielhandgranate M24) deactivated, marked “K” (kalte-cold), specially designed for cold climates, with different composition of powder as initiator. Made of sheet metal, with a smooth, hollow wooden handle, with the date of the manufacture and the year, in this case “43FCC”, year 1943 and manufacture of “Metallwarenfabrik Hermann Nier, Beierfeld bei Schwarzenberg, Erzgebirge”. At the end upper part of it has the war head (Splittermantel) marked with its “Waffenamt, (WaA)” attached to the handle by its threaded screw at the bottom, in the cavity with cover (Schutzkappe), made to house the detonator, conserves its corresponding cord (Reißschnur) with the ceramic screw (Abreißkopf) Very good condition, original paint.