Wehrmacht/Herr, Infantry NCO’S M41/42 Combat Field Blouse

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M41-42 field blouse (feldbluse M41-42), for an infantry sergeant (feldwebel) in feldgrau cloth. She has four pockets and six buttons. The national emblem is white on a green background, the collar patches (Litzen) are knitted with blue-grey cotton thread, detachable shoulder pads have small moth holes, chest loops for EK1. The lining, made of synthetic silk, is marked with the Berlin depot stamp and the year “B. II. 42”, it is also marked with the sizes, on the left side of the interior is the pocket to store the first aid package with the stamped manufacture, it has a label with the initials of the owner’s name. Very good used condition.
Shoulder width 42 cm, sleeve length from armpit to tip 53 cm, back height 70 cm, chest width 49 cm, waist width 44 cm.