Wehrmacht/Heer, Transports NCO’s M40 Field Blouse



M40 Field blouse (Feldbluse M40) for a Sergeant Major (Oberfeldwebel) of Transport. It has 5 painted buttons on the front and 4 patch pockets with pointed lids and bellows, it has bows for a pin, EK1 and another badge. On the cuffs it has a buttoned opening, on the chickpea-colored cotton lining marked with the year “1940”, and the markings of the tank, clothing, sizes, etc., in indelible black ink, on the bottom. Wears detachable transport sergeant major shoulder pads, although due to the extreme dirtiness of the waffenfarbe, the blue suffers from green (see detailed photos). The national emblem (national eagle) sewn on origin, collar patches (litzen) woven from cotton thread. Spanish size approximate 46/48.