Wehrmacht/Heer, Infantry NCO’s M40 Field Blouse



M40 Field Blouse (Feldbluse M40) for an Infantry Sergeant Major (Oberfeldwebel). It has 5 painted buttons on the front and 4 patch pockets with pointed flaps and bellows, it has loops for a passer, EK1 and another badge. On the cuffs it has a buttoned opening, on the chickpea-colored cotton lining marked with the year “1940”, and the markings of the deposit, clothing, sizes, etc., in indelible black ink, on the bottom part. Wears detachable shoulder straps.The field blouse is having a hand applied M39 style BeVo-woven breast-eagle. A silver NCO braid are machine-sewn around the collar. The collar-tabs are having the basic generic grey branch colour, for the general service (Einheitskragenspiegel) for EM/NCO personnel that did not utilize the branch of service color enabling them to be worn by personnel serving in all branches. Spanish size approximately 46/48.

Note.- Measures:

From armpit to armpit: 50 cm.

Waist:                         46 cm