Wehrmacht/Heer, Signalman´s Backpack numer “3”

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Backpack number “3” specified for signal personnel (Fernsprechtornister), based on the M39 “Tornister”, but larger. There were three versions of the backpack, “1,2,3”, each with different interiors. It measures 34cm x 38cm x 13cm and has an internal wooden frame. Its exterior is covered in brown cowhide leather. Each strap has six “slotted” cuts that would connect to a steel bar. The straps also have an auxiliary strap sewn with a riveted flat steel bar which would then “slide” through the raised steel bar to secure the main straps (one split but with the carabiner). It is marked with the code “hjg” and the date “1942”. Also stamped “WaA341???”. The interior compartments are missing, something usual in this backpacks, for this reason its good price. Very good condition and very difficult to find.