Wehrmacht/Heer, Unusual EM’S Greenish Blue South Front Field Blouse M43 Style Tropical Tunic , RBNr



Extraordinary and unusual M43 field blouse for the southern front (and maybe for Africa??) made of blue-grey made Italian linen. It has 6 field gray buttons on the front with ring fastening as if it were a tropical field blouse, four pockets with lids and their corresponding detachable buttons of the same color as the previous ones with D-rings. On her chest she wears an M44/45 eagle and the matte gray embroidered collar patches are machine sewn on origin. In the unlined interior with gray gauze interior reinforcements comes the pocket for the dressings and in the RBNr number and illegible size stamps. Hardly ever used.

Note.- You can put shoulder pads M36, 40, 43 and 44 of the weapon you want.