Wehrmacht/Heer/Pz, Preliminary Certificate for the Cross in gold, Awards Documents and Needler by Major «York Guaita», I./Pz-Artill-Reg.16



Lot of awards documents and needle of the “16 Panzer Division”, all belonging to the “Major York Guaita”, Commander of the “I./Panzer-Artillerie-Regiment 16.”.

The lot consists of:

1/ Preliminary certificate of award of the German Cross in gold, delivered on June 1, 1944, with facsimil signature of Generalfeldmarschall “Wilhelm Bodewin Johann Gustav Keitel”, (Field Marshal), winner of the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (Cross Knight of the Iron Cross) among others, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces (Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht), Leader of the German delegation to sign the surrender at the Soviet Headquarters in Berlin-Karlshorts on May 9, 1945.

2/ Award certificate awarding the needle of this division to “Major York Guaita”, with handwritten signature of Wehrmacht Generalmajor “Hans-Ullrich Backs” (Gen.Maj. and Div.Kdr.), Commander of 16th Panzer Division , winner of the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes (Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross) among others. Very rare and expensive to find one, if found.

3/ Needle Hand with the Coat of Arms enamelled in black with the golden tactical symbol of the “16 Panzer Division”, height 13.86 mm, bears the manufacture on the reverse. Very rare to find if found.

4/ Extract from the book of “Comandante Guaita”, page 22 with the decorations received.

5/ Newspaper clipping about the mention in the Honor List on March 20, 1945.

6/ Military Post Envelope

NOTE.- This Panzer Troop Commander, winner of the German Cross in gold, was also the winner of the following decorations that appear in the following link: http://en.ww2awards.com/person/5591