Wehrmacht/Heer, Press Photo of “Uffz. Josef Weisbach”



Press photo of the Eastern Front taken in “Witebsk” (city in northeast Belarus) on May 6, 1943. On 13 X 18 cm “agfa-brovira” paper by Unteroffizier “Josef Weisbach”, born June 16, 1921. Winner among other medals of the EK1, the Ostmedaille (Eastern Front Medal) and the Sturmabz (Infantry Assault Badge), curiously comes with two press releases from the same previous date pasted on the back, one of them is a statement about the reception in Hamburg by “Kaufmann” (Gauleiter in the city of Hamburg between 1933 and 1945), from which the “Grenadier. Reg 76” came, marked “für den dienstgebrauch” (for official use). Proposed photo for the magazine of the time “Hamburger illustrierte”.