Wehrmacht/Heer, Lion’s Head Saber in light version, manufactured by “Puma”, Very difficult to find.

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This is one of the rarest models of “Puma”, the light version. Gold anodized bow-shaped gold brass trim with finely detailed embossed oak leaf decoration and wire-wrapped black plastic grip (involute) has a “P” shaped handguard (handguard), This The hilt has the pommel in the shape of a “Lion’s Head” with red glass eyes and marked and beautiful details on its whiskers, chin and snout. Handwork is beautifully represented throughout this brass. On the reverse, oak leaves with double leaves flowing into the side tabs. The “D” shaped handguard also features oak leaves and acorns. The cross guard consists of a spread-winged Art Deco-style eagle. The eagle on this piece looks to the right. It is highly detailed with a lot of hand accenting. The gilding of the handle is beautiful, uniform and very pleasant. The blade is nickel plated, absolutely clean and bright, untouched and voided on both sides, with the manufacturer’s logo stamped under the hand guard on the obverse. The near perfect black lacquered steel scabbard in its original black lacquer is straight, with no dents. It measures 91 cm. State of conservation 1.