Wehrmacht/Heer, Combat Assault Pack A-Frame


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Assault pack A-frame (Sturmgepäck) for infantry, simple in structure, made of strong synthetic cotton with leather straps riveted to the frame. It measures 28.5 cm high X 26 cm long. The vertical double layered cotton straps have an internal metal reinforcement. It has two additional straps that overlap each other creating an “X” on the outer frame and are secured to the top by a stitched, split, horizontal leather strap. In the upper and lower part of the straps they have the D-rings for hooking them, all marked with a logo, they are quick release, made of steel, painted in matt gray, a color that maintains a high percentage. The owner’s name “Dölle” is written on the lower horizontal strap. In general, it is in an excellent state of preservation, with no visible marks.