Wehrmacht/Heer, Artillery Personnel´s M44 Rucksack


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M44 rucksack for artillery troops (Artillerie-Rücksack), light, water-repellent, olive green, canvas, with steel accessories. It is made in the form of a bag, with a flap that closes with a black leather strap. The top opening has a drawstring closure that goes through several eyelets, on the front, on both sides of the flap there are two additional black leather straps to attach additional equipment. It has four metal hooks for fastening to the trenches. On the upper rear edge it has a canvas reinforcement where the “RBnbr” is well defined. Inside there is a khaki colored rayon bag that separates the panel, it is closed with a natural leather strap that enters a flat button, giving way to two compartments. Excellent example, and in premiere condition.