Wehrmacht/Afrikakorps/Italy, M35 Multi-layer Sand Camo Double Decal Helmet “SE64”

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M35 Helmet for the DAK or Italian Campaign (M35 Stahlhelm mit Tarnanstrich), with double decals and camouflage paint of the kind used to camouflage vehicles (which varied greatly depending on the desert tones) mixed with sawdust. It is covered twice separately, first in sand-colored camouflage paint, and then with the addition of sand to give the helmet a more textured appearance. The hull, originally olive green as can be seen in the photos of the interior, has the name of the owner written in white ink on the inside of the wing. The decals are there, the one with the national emblem at 60%, the tricolor at 85%, but in both cases perfectly visible. The M31 helmet lines has inside two stamps in ink??. Inside under the rear skirt, the serial number can be seen, but it is illegible, except that it starts with 13…??, on the side there is an alphanumeric marking “SE64”, SE is a “Sachsische Emaillier” manufacture – und Stanzwerke AG SG Lauter, Saxony” (this company changed its initials to “hkp” in 1943), and size “64” referring to the large size “57”. With its natural color chin strap.

Note.- An example of a similar helmet with this type of paint comes in the book “Afrikakorps” by Robert Kurtz, page 216.