Wehrmacht/ 6X30 Power Tan Issue Field Binoculars “cag”

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Binoculars (Doppelfernrohr) 6 X 30 in excellent condition, corresponding to the regulation of 43, end of the war, the original paint is 90% present, without breaks, in perfect condition, with its strap. On the left panel, it is well marked with the manufacturer’s code “cag” belonging to the “Swarovski Glasfabrik und Tyrolit-Schleifmittelwerke de Wattens/Tirol” manufacture, and the blue pyramid code, indicating that they are prepared to withstand casualties. temperatures using special greases and sealed with wax to prevent moisture. On the right panel, the serial number is well marked, very low, an 80.589, H/6400 and “Dienstglas” (field or service binoculars). The binoculars are in perfect condition in terms of their optics, they focus perfectly and the reticle is excellent. These types of binoculars were the standard for Afrikakorps soldiers of the German Army during WW2. It comes with its original strap.