Wehrmacht/ 1941 Field Buckle with “19421” Leather Tab by “E. Schneider”

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Field gray painted iron buckle (Wehrmacht Koppelschloss Gürtelschnalle) marked on the reverse with the manufacturer’s manufacture and the year “1941”, magnetic, attached to a brown leather tab dated “1942” and marked by the manufacturer “E. Schneider, Lüdenscheid.” Standard model for the Heer, with a slightly domed bottom, the central motif features a Wehrmacht-style embossed eagle with down-swept wings holding a swastika between its talons, encompasses in relief a cluster of oak leaves in the lower part and the writing “Gott MiT uns” (God with us) surrounding the eagle. The oak leaves are inside a circle on a smooth base surrounded on the inside and outside by a simulated twisted rope. The reverse of the buckle it is a mirror image of the obverse.Both the buckle and the leather tab are marked with the year and manufacture.