Wehrmacht/ 1939 Iron Cross 1st Class, 2nd Version in Case, Maker «4» Rare

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Excellent case with Iron Cross 1st class 1939 (Eisernes Kreuz I Klasse mit Etui) with code «4», 2nd version of EK1 from this rare manufacturer, bears the “4” on the pin but on its side. Both the Cross and the case are in perfect condition, the Cross has an iron base with an excellent black patina, made in 3 pieces with a magnetic center, silver frames as well as the reverse, which is involute. The case well marked inside. It has on the back its pin with the well-defined manufacturing code «4» corresponding to the manufacturer «Steinhauer & Lück Lüdenscheid».

The opportunity to have an EK 1 boxed in a condition 1 and this rare 2nd version.