Transitional Dagger Model 1933 from 1939 for the “SA” with Logo and RZM “M 7/66” belonging to “Carl Eickhorn”



The grip is a beautiful example of wood and is presented in excellent condition with a nice, uniform brown color, without cracks, with an excellent eagle nickel silver inserted and the emblem with the runes of the SA enamelled on a button. The guards in nickel silver with a nice, uniform patina. The blade cross-grained carbon steel blade is profusely engraved with the SA motto “Alles für Deutschland” (All for Germany). All screws present and untouched. The scabbard without bumps or dents is lacquered in chocolate brown that has some minor scratches on one side, while the other is intact. Almost perfect condition. Length 37.5 cm.

Note.- The transitional dagger ones from this last year with a double brand are more sought after since from 39 they only appear with RZM and the quality in their manufacture decreases.