SS/ Watch “Grana, A. LUNSER BERLIN”, Engraved


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BACKGROUND: In Berlin there was a business importer and distributor called “A. LUNSER”, a regular supplier to the Gvmt. The WH had pocket watches and wristwatches to equip officers, NCOs and troops according to the needs of the service. With the expansion of the war there was a great demand from the OKH (Oberkommando des Heeres), but German companies such as Hanhart or Junghans could not keep up with the demand. In 1942, the first order to meet this demand was placed with Swiss watchmakers. These watches were manufactured according to specifications given by many German and Swiss producers and retailers (Buren, Grana, Zenith, Dogma, Helios, Omega, Longines, Minerva, Mimo, Helbros etc). The watches were partly bought by officers and also sold to army troops.

DESCRIPTION: Mechanical pocket watch with anti-shock machinery from the watchmaker “Grana”, diameter 50 mm, black dial with seconds at 6 o’clock, marked below 12 o’clock with the watchmaker’s mark “Grana” and the name of the dealer “A. lanser berlin”. LANSER BERLIN”. The water-resistant screw back, serial number “2541”, is engraved with an eagle holding a swastika in its claws and the legend “SS EIGENTUM SCHULE TÖLZ” (Property of the SS School in Tölz), referring to the “SS-Junkerschule Bad Tölz” (SS Officers’ School in Bad Tölz) in Munich. Excellent working order, tested, untouched.

NOTE: This watch belongs to the extensive collection of rings, cigarette cases and watches of a great European collector that we acquired in 2009, almost all the pieces coming from a Museum he acquired.