SPANISH FALANGE/ Folder with the Frame, 10 Illustrations and Score of the Hymn “Cara al Sol”

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We are selling an one Illustrated Edition in its original 35 x 25.5 cm folder on the Falange Anthem “Cara al Sol”, the folder consists of:

1/ Polychrome painting by José Antonio Primo de Rivera made by Miguel del Pino, 35 x 25 cm

2/ Ten plates the same size as the painting with full color illustrations and lyrics of the hymn alluding to the march of Cara al Sol, illustrated by the painter Carlos Sáenz de Tejada

3/ Lamina explaining how the song was born, by Agustín de Foxá

4/ Double folio musical score of the hymn by the musical maestro Juan Tellería y Arrizabalaga

It belongs to a 1980 limited edition of “Ultra” Editions, this is number 6,289.

They are very rare to find complete and in good condition.