Spanish Civil War/ Individual Military Medal with 2 Pins, Saz Manufactory

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Individual Military Medal manufactured by «Saz», with 2 pins, one Africanist “Tifarun” and the other civil war “Griñon”. The medal has an allegory on the obverse, a matron reclining on a shield with the face of a lion, offering a laurel wreath on a sea background with the rising sun, on a fence bordered with laurel and flanked by lions, with an upper castle and a lower golden cartouche with the inscription «AL MERIT IN CAMPAIGN». On the reverse, the arms of the Spanish State superimposed on an eagle with an imperial crown. The white ribbon with yellow edges, listed in the center the colors of the Spanish flag.

Note.- The name of the infantry lieutenant of the Group of Regular Indigenous Forces of Alhucemas No. 5 who deserves such a high decoration is known, the buyer will be informed and will be able to verify it in the treatise on Laureates and Individual Military Medals published by the Ministry of the Army. O.C. of March 22, 1938.