Set of Awards Documents and Soldbuch of the Oberfeldwebel Max Grássel of the Stab M.G. Bataillon 6 (mot)

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Interesting group made up of the covers of the “Soldbuch” with his photograph and service record and 8 concessions (three of them in poor condition, but not the main ones) granted to “Max Grässel” belonging in 1936 as Oberfeldwebel (Sergeant Major) to the Stab MG Bataillon 6 (mot), (6th MG Machine Gun Motorized Battalion) where he was awarded the “Wehrmacht Dienstauszeichnung” 4th class in 1939 while in the “Kommando 17. Division ” (17 Headquarters Division) is awarded the “Medaille zur Erinnerung an den 13.märz 1938”, (commemorative medal of March 13, 1938, awarded to all those who were and participated in the annexation of Austria to the Third Reich ), from the year 1943 until the year 1944 where the trail is lost due to the concessions, he served in the “12./Gren. Regt. 366″, 366 Grenadier Regiment”, where on February 28, 1943 he was granted by having the rank of Stabsfeldwebel, a kind of Sergeant Major, the “Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse”, (EK2, or Cruz Iron 2nd Class).

On January 30, 1944, continuing with the same rank, he is awarded the “Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1.Klassew Mit Schwertern”, (The Cross or KVK 1st Class), on February 25, 1944, he is awarded “Eiserne Kreuz 1 . Klasse”, (EK1, or Iron Cross 1st Class), all awards signed by the “Generalleutnant u. Kdeur”, (Lieutenant General of the 227th Infantry Division). On March 6, 1944, continuing with the same rank, he served in the “12. (MG) / Gren. Rgt. 366”, (12 MG machine gun company of the 366 Grenadier Regiment), where he was awarded the “Sturmabzeichen in Siber”, (the Infantry Assault Badge in silver), on September 28 of the same year with the rank of Oberfahnrich (Officer Candidate), he is awarded in the hospital of the city of Olbernhauel in Saxony, the “Verwundeten -Abzeichen” (Wound Badge in Black).

He has another concession that is missing part, being Hauptfelwebel, serving in the “12./ JR366”, (12 company of the 366 Infantry Regiment), of the “kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse”, (2nd Military Merit Cross Class), I think also signed by the “Generalleutnant u. Kdeur”, which was possibly granted between March 1943 and January 1944, since on January 30 he is granted the 1st Class.