SA Transitional M33 Dagger with Double Mark, «RZM M7/66, 1938» and 1938 Logo by “Carl Eickhorn”

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A Model 1933 early transitional model dagger for Sturmabteilung Dienstdolch(SA) by Carl Eickhorn, Solingen (SA Dolch mit Dolchgehänge). Double-edged blade with nickel fittings in good condition. The blade “Alles für Deutschland” motto (Everything for Germany) and “RZM M7/66 1938” maker mark / date are both dark, crisp and beautifully executed, name and logo correct logo by 1938. The wooden grip handle is in beautiful condition complete with nice round enamel SA insignia, and crisp German Eagle mounted with no chips or cracks. The plated upper and lower crossguards remain bright. The early scabbard has a beautiful factory oxide finish (not oxidized) , with a few minor scratches, complete with suspension ring is intact.