RAD/ Early EM´S M35 Service Tunic (RADBAF), Mint–



Scarce and rare M35 service tunic (Reichsarbeitsdienst Jacke) for an Arbeistmann (It is the equivalent of a private in the German army rank) of the German National Labor Service (RAD). Is made of earth brown wool without shoulder pads with a dark brown collar and the two black collar patches corresponding to this rank, distinctive insignia sewn from origin except for the multiplanel bracelet that is loose. On the left sleeve he wears of RAD badge consisting of the inverted woven upper and the group and section numbers, in this case the number “160/3”, the number “160” indicates the group (Gruppe) to which it belonged, and the number “3” indicates the section (Abteilung). On the front 6 silver buttons and 4 more on the bellows pockets with lids all buttons marked “EK 36”. Has a brown twill lined interior and defined maker’s, carvings, and the initials of the Reichsarbeitsdienst Bekleibungsamt Feldbrauchbar or RADBAF (Reich Labor Service, Clothing Department, Field Service). The loose bracelet. Exceptional condition, like brand new.

Note.- Other models and other
ranges, ​are usually found, but it is very difficult to find an M35 for an Arbeistmans