Panzer Jäger/ Set of Ober Gefreiter “Hermann Röhl”


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Set of concessions, documents and photograph in perfect condition of Ober Gefreiter “Hermann Röhl”, stretcher bearer of 2/Panzer Jäger Abt.176. He won both EK decorations in battles of the French campaign near Verdun in June 1940. He rescued and nursed his wounded chaplain of the regiment and was himself wounded in the course of these events. The unit in which he fought was found in Stalingrad and was finally lost and ceased to exist. The entire unit was wiped off the map. 

The lot consists of:

1/ Concession of the EK1 delivered on June 21, 1940, signed by the “Artillery General Maximilian De Angelis”, (1889-1974), winner among others of the “Ek2 and Ek1 1939”, and “La Cruz de Knight of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves” (Ritterkreuz mit Eichenlaub), the Knight’s Cross on February 9, 1942, and the Oak Leaves on November 12, 1943.

2/ Concession of the EK2 delivered on June 29, 1940, also signed by “Artillery General Maximilian De Angelis”.

3/ Concession of the Distinction of Wounded in Black delivered on June 15, 1940.

4 / Report of the combats in Verdun, in which the actions for which he won his decorations are detailed.

5 / Notifications of his death in Stalingrad and letters regarding his death (perhaps of condolence) from his party (Gau Berlin) and from official bodies.

6/ Your death certificate

7 / Letter from the high command notifying her mother of the impossibility of sending her a photo of her grave because it is in enemy territory

8/ Large-format studio photo of you, 17 cm x 23 cm.

9/ Photographic negative