NSDAP/ Small Propaganda Poster ” Parole der Woche Nr. 18″ Munchen, 1942.



This is a propaganda poster from the Parole der Woche, is theParole der Woche Nr. 18 with the motto of the week “Wir haben alle nur einen Willen, Sieg um jeden Preis!. Which was a weekly propaganda poster issued between 1936 and 1943. Its primary form was as a “wall newspaper” that was posted in public places throughout Germany, but a smaller version (playing card size) was also issued, which could be pasted to the back of correspondence. Size: 10 cm x 7,5 cm. Is Very hard to find!. Textbook. Extremely rare! 

INFORMATION: https://www.deutsche-digitale-bibliothek.de/item/GGYZF6DNMG2ZUMYGBN27W4W2OLE6F2SZ