NSDAP Membership Badge with RZM “M1/158” for “Karl Pichl-Innsbruck”. Very hard to find!!



Memberbadge (Parteiabzeichen) of the German National Socialist Party (NSDAP), standard model. Fire-enamelled in red, in the outer circle written in raised silver “National-Sozialistiche- DAP”, on the reverse its pin and well defined within a double circle its “RZM” code “M1/158” indicating it was manufactured by rare maker “Karl Pichl of Innsbruck, Austria”. This badge was produced in 1938 after the annexation of Austria. This maker wasn’t relatively well known, and we haven’t seen very many other pins from them. This is the first NSDAP Membership pin we have seen from this maker. Badges from Austrian makers are fairly rare, especially in this condition. Very hard to find!!