NSDAP/ Engraved Pocket Watch “Junghans” with Dedication “Reichswerke Hermann Göring”



Extraordinary and important 50 mm diameter watch in perfect condition and functionality made in rose gold and silver “900” (marked) by the German watchmaker “Junghans” (Uhrenfabrik Junghans). White watch face with 60-second sub-time indicator, all pointers present, as well as the crown at the top of the watch.

A gift from Reichswerke A.G. Hermann Göring Luitpoldhütte to his friend “Adam Rösl” with whom he used to hunt at the time.

It has great historical value as it is engraved on the cover with a dedication from the Reichswerke “Hermann Göring Linz Luitpoldhütte” to his friend “Gewidmet von Reichswerke AG Hermann Göring Luitpoldhütte – Adam Rösl – In Anerkennung für 25jährige treue Dienstzeit 1939”, (Dedicated by Reichswerke AG Hermann Göring Luitpoldhütte – Adam Rösl – In recognition of 25 years of loyal service in 1939).

On the outside, on the protective cover of the machinery, you can see the Luitpoldhütte coat of arms in Amberg/Bavaria, while on the back we can see the logo of this watchmaker. The watch is immaculate and working perfectly.