NSDAP/ Album with 230 photos of the SA, the NSKK, D.D.A.C. and photo by Ernst Röhm

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Excellent cloth-bound NSDAP/SA album with 20 detachable pages and 230 photographs of various sizes, most normal size, dealing with different aspects of the SA from the year 1933, also the beginnings of the NSKK, parades, funerals, events etc, a card of the “D.D.A.C” the Der Deutsche Automobile-Club of 1935, (Automobile Club of Germany, instituted in September 1933 by the NSKK Korps Führer Adolf Hühnlein as an independent organization for members who had a car, and who were not members of the NSKK) with all its stamps, it even has a photo of Ernest Julius Röhm. Very rare this early NSDAP/SA album with splendid photos.