N.P.E.A/ Student Dagger by Karl Burgsmuller Berlin



Excellent example of an early model dagger for students (NPEA Dolch für Schüler). The dagger of much simpler design than the SA or SS daggers; no insignia, hilt is smooth cherry wood, brown, no number. The blade is made of steel and has the NPEA motto “Mehr sein als scheinen” acid-etched, the fittings are those belonging to the 1936 model made of aluminum (the initial models were made with nickel-silver fittings), the garnish bears the letter “M”, and on the tang is marked with the number “2”, the blade bears the manufacture of one of the main manufacturers in these daggers “Karl Burgsmuller of Berlin”. The scabbard retains its painting and the characteristic coupling of this manufacturer of two double parallel lines for the baldric. Without use. Condition 1. Very hard to find!