Medal of the Russian Campaign, 1st Model manufactured by “Diez y Cia, S.A.” in your cardboard box for Members of the “Blue Squadron” (Blue Division)”.. Hard To Find!!. Mint.



Medal die-cut in a single piece in non-ferrous metal alloy, brass. This is the most sought-after model of the first medals manufactured by “Diez y Compañía S.A” are the best, with details in their manufacturing that are difficult to overcome later. It has details that make them unique, such as the capsules of the Saint Sophia Cathedral on the reverse of the medal, where the crosses that crown the domes have been represented as figures. The Iron Cross finished with enamel paint. The medal ribbon made of cotton, finished with a slightly curved bronze-colored pin.

They are the authentic and genuine Medals of the Russian Campaign and in their original cardboard box.

Note.- This is the rarest model as it is varnished. Delivered to the members of the “Blue Squadron (Blue Division)”. Perfectly documented in the book of “Decorations and badges of the Blue Division” by Antonio Prieto and Manuel Pérez

Note 1.- Never used. Found in the house of a Falangist who died Hard to find!!