M42 SD Police Helmet.


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Very desirable M42 police helmet (Stahlhem M42) with decal intact. Produced in early 1942, it almost completely retains its grayish-green color. The decal remain in excellent condition rating far over 95%. Retains its original (55 size!) liner, that remains in good condition being flexible and resistant, it is marked on the inside with a stamp “N 22”, without chin strap. It has the serial number “22…” and what appears to be the maker’s mark (illegible) and the size “…62”. Is marked inside the steel ring “62 n.A” belonging to the manufacturer “Schubert-Werk K.-G. Braunschweig” and the size “55”, These helmets were widely used on the Eastern Front in the fight against partisan groups, as well as in Western Europe in many police functions.