Luftwaffe Visor Cap for Officers



Nice visor cap (Schirmmütze) for a LW Officer. Made with a Luftwaffe blue/gray wool and rayon blend with a very subtle,. The eagle of the second model in silver wire threads are embroidered on a wool base and carefully sewn by hand. The winged wreath and cockade are mounted on a cut-out black wool base which is also hand stitched in place. The aluminum thread braided officer’s chin strap is attached to the cap with its two, small, silver washed, pebbled, alloy buttons attached period buttons. The black vulcanized fiber visor has a green interior. The inside of the cap is like new, it comes completely lined in gold artificial silk. The complete sweat shield, in excellent condition as is the celluloid diamond. It is a size 57. A great visor cap with all its original insignia, without any type of moth hole, tear, or damage.