Luftwaffe/ “LKpN101” Summer Flight Helmet, Second Version

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Summer flight helmet (second version) of brown cotton mesh net construction with brown and tan leather fittings and Bakelite communications gear (Netzkopfhaube LKp N 101 mit FT-Gerät). The helmet features a fine cotton mesh netting on the crown (intact) and back with three internal, vertical, brown HBT cotton reinforcing strips and two additional horizontal, brown, outer, brown HBT cotton reinforcing strips. It has brown leather covered headphone holders with a grooved lip on the top edges to secure the goggle straps in place. The reverse of the earphone holders each has an external vertical brown leather strap with a single snap closure, also for securing eyewear straps. The inverted nape of the helmet’s neck has two horizontal fabric-covered springs for a secure fit. The reverse center of the helmet has a vertical leather attachment for the larynx microphone and electrical cable with a breakaway coupling plug. The “Mi 4c” larynx microphone features double, horizontal, leather adjustment straps with two-prong blade metal buckles and two Bakelite microphones with single snap-lock retention straps, all intact. The short black rubber plug on the power cord terminates in a break-coupled, four-prong, molded Bakelite plug, which is also intact. The front edges of the leather headphone holders each have three vertically aligned, inset sheet metal grommets. The grommets were designed to accept a single threaded stud on each side to attach the oxygen mask with the remaining two grommets available for fit adjustment. The center grommets on each side have a screw-in stud. The interior of the helmet is lined at the forehead, top center seam and nape in a chocolate brown suede and the earcup mounts are lined in white fleece. The earphone stands have the clear plastic internal protective covers intact. Full label. Manufacturer marked “hdc”, size marked “57”. Good complete example and hard to beat and find anymore. Shows normal wear and tear of the time.