Luftwaffe, HBT Blue Combat Trousers “L.B.A. 1944”, Very Rare



Extremely rares Luftwaffe blue combat M40 trousers (Drillich Feldhose M40) in HBT fabric (also known as herringbone) from 1944 in a large waist size and leg length. The trousers are complete with all of their original buttons and seams, complete with watch pocket and matching pockets. On the inside of the waistband it has well marked sizes (very large), its code “RBNr”, and the year 1944 in black ink, it is also marked with a stamp in blue ink “LBA 1944”, abbreviation for “Luftwaffe Bekleidungs Amt 1944”, and in white ink marked “CC P02”. Virtually unused.

Measurements: They measure 102 cm at the waist and 113 cm in length. Perfect condition, without breaks or scratches and with all the buttons present.

Note.- Widely used in areas with a tropical climate, the Balkans and the Italian campaing.