Luftwaffe/Condor Legion, Auer Model 295, Flight Goggles and Accessories in Wind Protection Case, Mint

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M295 flight goggles in its original aluminum case (Windschutzbrille Baumuster 295 in Dose mit Zubehör) made by “Auer” complete with all its accessories in an exceptional state of preservation. The case, approximately 7 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm, has a fold-over, friction-fit top lid with two stepped, riveted hinges on the reverse. The top lid of the box has a blackened, riveted aluminum panel with printed and engraved natural aluminum script that includes, “Gerät: Windschutzbrille”, (Equipment: Wind protection goggles), “Hersteller: Auer-Ges. Berlin O 17” , (Manufacturer Auer-Company Berlin East 17), “Baumuster: 295”, (Model: 295), “Werk Nr: 57337”, (Order/Job Number 57337), “Gewicht: Behälter u. Inhalt ca . 0.65kg “, (Total weight: Package and content about 0.65 kilograms), and” Label d. Herstellung: 10. 8. 1937 “, (Day/Date of manufacture: August 10, 1937). The aluminum panel features an image of a person wearing a gas mask superimposed with the legend “Deyea,” which may be a trade name or acronym. The inside of the top lid has a riveted, silver/whitewashed aluminum panel with black printed script that includes “Inhalt 1 Brille, 1Kinnband, 1 Putzlappen, 1 Locheisen, 1 Ersatzgläser, 1 Ersatzgummiband”, (Contents, 1 { pair of}, glasses, 1 chin strap, 1 polishing cloth, 1 metal worker puncher, 1 pair of spare glasses, 1 spare elastic headband) and “Achtung! Falls die Brille auf der Nase drückt oder die Nasenflügel so abschließt, daß eine Atmung durch die Nase behindert ist, kann mit dem mitgegebenen Locheisen aus dem Gummi eine entsprechende Rundung von der Nasenauflage fortgeschlagen werden. If the glasses press on the nose or close the nostrils so that breathing is hampered, the rubber bridge of the nose can be properly rounded with the attached punch.The curvature can then be properly finished with scissors.). The inside bottom of the case has a separate, riveted, oval compartment for securing spare lenses. Two pairs of spare lenses are included in their corresponding cloth bags and spare straps.