Luftwaffe/Afrikakorps, 1st Model Tropical Pith Helmet made Clemens Wagner

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Tropical Pith helmet 1st model for Luftwaffe troops (Tropenhelm 1 Modell Luftwaffenangehörige), sand colour, in perfect condition, including the leather trim around the brim, cork core intact. It bears on the left side an original national eagle of the Luftwaffe (two sideburns are missing), and on the right side a tricolor shield. It is complete with its chin strap, all in mint condition. Inside, on the crown that holds the cork core, the “DRGM” (Deutsches Reich Gebrauchsmuster) and the manufacturer “Clemens Wagner” are clearly defined, on the outside of the chamois, a label with the size “57” and stamp inside the sweatband again with one of the rarest manufactures in pith helmets by LW “Clemens Wagner” and the carving.