Legion Condor/ Honour Award Plaque «2. F.88» BY “Otto B. Löbig-Cartagena”



Highly sought after stamped brass or copper plaque (Erinnerungsplakette der 2.Flakabteilung 88) mounted on a period wooden frame. The plate illustrates a map of Spain in relief with an anti-aircraft artillery cannon in the center, above it, a ribbon with the inscription «Condor Legion» with an open crown right in the middle with the inscription «2. F.88» and a Luftwaffe eagle above the map. The plaque, vertically, is in relief, at the bottom, the inscription “Im kampf gegen den Bolschewismus 1936 Spanien 1938” (In the fight against Bolshevism in Spain 1936-1938), and at the bottom right, the name of the written artist “Otto B. Löbig-Cartagena (Spain)”; measures 205mm x 159mm. Excellent condition. Very hard to find, and more framed.

Note: Although the mention of the Condor Legion is always reminiscent of their air units, their largest unit was the “F88” anti-aircraft artillery group, with an establishment of 1,400 men. Unlike other countries at the time, the Flak was part of the Air Force (Luftwaffe) rather than the Army (Heer).