Kriegsmarine/ EM/NCO’S Belt Buckle With its Leather Tab by 1940, Rare



It is a very difficult and rare buckle to find (KM Koppelschloß), a stamped Kriegsmarine steel buckle in “gold anodized” finish with its leather tongue intact with the manufacture of the manufacturer “Brüder Schneider AG 1940 Wien” and the “Kriegsmarine Acceptance Stamp”. Early model made in two pieces, the construction of the buckle is die-cast gold-plated steel with a well-detailed die-stamped copper front plate, it is attached to its leather tongue where there is an oval stamp with the manufacture of the Vienna manufacturer, the year of manufacture, 1940, and the stamp of the KM. On the obverse we can see that the outer field to the high relief is smooth, and in the slightly domed center a WH style eagle in high relief, clutching a swastika, surrounded by a twisted oak rope with the legend “Gott Mit Uns” , (God with us), at the top. On the reverse, we see the two welded points typical of this type of early buckle retaining the faceplate, a raised, stamped semi-circular clasp, and the retaining bar and teeth passing through the tongue intact. It shows nice details with an attractive yellowish age and patina of use, but with its gilding almost intact. No cleaning or touching.

Note.- From the collection of approximately 900 German buckles collected by John R. Angolia, who began collecting buckles, belts and brocades from 1944 to 1990; most of the buckles were obtained from American and German veterans; Most of these buckles are presented in the Angolian book “Belt Buckles & Brocades of the Third Reich” published in 2001, including this model which is very rare to find, also comes this tropical tongue buckle model.