Hitler Youth knife with “RZM M7/13”



Knife of the 2nd model for the Hitler Youth (Hitlerjugend Fahrtenmesser) with a clean blade, somewhat sharp as is normal for a knife like this used by children, presents its protective pad intact on the cross in a correct way with its thickness of about 3mm On the back it presents its manufacture “RZM M7/13” from the manufacturer “Arthur Schüttelhofer & Co., Solingen-Wald”. It is in excellent used condition, both the knife and the scabbard. The hilt on its upper part shows the typical wear where the strap rests to hang on the knob, the squared black bakelite grip plates have their steel nickel-plated rivets in place. On the obverse, embedded in the center, it has an exceptional HJ diamond with a black swastika separated from the rest of the colors, with a red with a translucent flake finish and a white with black dots. The magnetic scabbard as it should with be with its rivet on the front maintains its original shiny black finish with small scratches, and still has its metal spring with its cotton lining to secure the knife blade from moving. The leather hanger in excellent condition with its working snap button. You will rarely see a knife in this condition.